Contraception & Its Effect On Your Hair

The female body as a result of pregnancy suffers complexities that make women more prone to hair loss. Contraceptives and birth control alter the natural release of hormones which have detrimental effects on hair growth.

There are two main classes of female contraception; pills and IUD’S, one of which is Mirena. Mirena is one of the world’s most popular and convenient contraceptives.

Despite being highly effective as a contraceptive, it has a significant impact on hair health. It is estimated that around 1 in 5 women, experience hair thinning due to Mirena, with some women noticing their hair falling out in clumps. A highly effective method at overcoming Mirena complications is the Mirena detox.

So how do you know if you are one of the many victims? The key side effects of Mirena are breast tenderness, heavy bleeding, fluctuating weight and of course hair loss.

What is the Mirena detox?

The Mirena Detox is a 40 day long program that aims to clear the excruciating effects of Mirena and target issues that doctors may not even recognise. By initially cleansing the colon, liver and uterus; the detox helps by overcoming the specific side effects and problems caused by IUDs, such as the cleansing and detoxification of copper toxins and re-strengthening the immune system. It is an affordable way of targeting the hormone imbalance triggered by Mirena.

The cleansing of the metal impurities and toxins from the body purifies the blood and helps to ensure that sufficient nutrients are carried to the roots of your hair, so that their growth is not hindered.

If you are experiencing a noticeable difference in your hair growth pattern, then it is important that you visit your doctor and look into the benefits that the Mirena detox and other treatments that are recommended by your doctors.

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By Rimsha Rasul

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Contraception & Its Effect On Your Hair

Colouring Therapy.. The latest stress relief technique

Stress, Stress, Stress .. We all remember when we were kids how life was stress free and just amazing. How do we go back to that and leave all our worries behind? COLOURING!

It used to be a child’s favourite hobby, but now adults are getting in on the act, INLCUDING ME!

colouringThe start of the this latest craze began in 2013 when Johanna Bedford released her book Secret Garden which was full of beautiful intricate designs for adults to colour in. Over time more and more books aimed at adults are being released as a technique for dealing with stress and anxiety. It is therapeutic and takes you back to the stress free mindset of your younger days.

So, the next time you’re having a bad day grab a set of crayons and a piece of paper and get scribbling!

By Libby (Visit my wordpress page)

Colouring Therapy.. The latest stress relief technique

Horrible Hormones – the effect of hormones on our hair

Horrible hormones, we cant live with them and yet we cant live without them. Many people do not relate hormones to hair, however, the balance of our 4 main hormones play a massive role on the healthiness of our hair.


Estrogen is the most vital hormone in a woman. It energises you, improves your mood and plays a major role in maintaining youthfulness. Yet too much estrogen leads to hair thinning. Estrogen levels can rise as a consequence of many factors for example, sudden weight gain or pregnancy. Therefore it is important to have blood tests whenever you experience a rapid loss of hair.


Insulin is best known for its ability to maintain blood sugar levels, however, it also affects hair growth. A study into cardiovascular risk found that people with insulin resistance are more likely to suffer androgenic alopecia.


Excess testosterone levels in women can have a detrimental effect on hair retention on the scalp. The balance between Testosterone and Estrogen is often the root cause for many hair loss cases in women.


Fluctuating thyroid levels often cause thinning of the scalp as a consequence of a hormonal imbalance. Thus the health of your liver is majorly important to the health of your hair.

Over the next few posts, we will give more information on how to strike that perfect hormonal balance which will not only strengthen your hair, but put a smile on your face and make you feel fantastic.

Horrible Hormones – the effect of hormones on our hair