Contraception & Its Effect On Your Hair

The female body as a result of pregnancy suffers complexities that make women more prone to hair loss. Contraceptives and birth control alter the natural release of hormones which have detrimental effects on hair growth.

There are two main classes of female contraception; pills and IUD’S, one of which is Mirena. Mirena is one of the world’s most popular and convenient contraceptives.

Despite being highly effective as a contraceptive, it has a significant impact on hair health. It is estimated that around 1 in 5 women, experience hair thinning due to Mirena, with some women noticing their hair falling out in clumps. A highly effective method at overcoming Mirena complications is the Mirena detox.

So how do you know if you are one of the many victims? The key side effects of Mirena are breast tenderness, heavy bleeding, fluctuating weight and of course hair loss.

What is the Mirena detox?

The Mirena Detox is a 40 day long program that aims to clear the excruciating effects of Mirena and target issues that doctors may not even recognise. By initially cleansing the colon, liver and uterus; the detox helps by overcoming the specific side effects and problems caused by IUDs, such as the cleansing and detoxification of copper toxins and re-strengthening the immune system. It is an affordable way of targeting the hormone imbalance triggered by Mirena.

The cleansing of the metal impurities and toxins from the body purifies the blood and helps to ensure that sufficient nutrients are carried to the roots of your hair, so that their growth is not hindered.

If you are experiencing a noticeable difference in your hair growth pattern, then it is important that you visit your doctor and look into the benefits that the Mirena detox and other treatments that are recommended by your doctors.

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By Rimsha Rasul

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Contraception & Its Effect On Your Hair

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