The power of Awareness… Finding The Root Cause To Your Hair Loss

Life seems to pass us by so quickly and we are all so busy in our everyday lives that we sometimes forget to stop for a moment and take a look around. Awareness, I have realised that I lock myself in a cocoon of thoughts when I am super busy and so I decided to set myself a challenge. For 30 days I would take some time out from my day to scribble down all the random things I had seen or noticed about myself throughout the day.

When I first started doing the challenge I was writing down little things like today a butterfly flew past me or that my favourite word is flutter bye.

But as each day past I started to realise that I am not a great sleeper, I fidget a lot, I can’t sit still for long periods of time, I drink far too much caffeine, I don’t drink enough water during the day….The list is endless.

When trying to tackle hair loss, everyone always says you need to find the root cause, you need to identify when it started, why it started. These questions can only be answered by root-cause-forensicsbeing aware of what you do, your habits, your favourite snacks, the times you eat in the day, how long you sleep, it is this awareness that will help you identify what the key drivers for your hair loss really are.

Take time out of your day to distance yourself from the world that surrounds you, ask yourself meaningful questions and change habits that you know are damaging your body, and you can always contact us for any help or advice!

By Libby (Find me on WordPress)

The power of Awareness… Finding The Root Cause To Your Hair Loss

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